18362.10019 has been released for the update of Windows 10 1909

Microsoft has released the new update 18362.10019 for the Windows 10 1909 update. You can read the notes about this new update from this article.

Windows 10 1909 18362.10019, the preview version of the Windows 10 1909 update, is now available for download on computers registered in the Slow channel of the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 10 1909 Version 18362.10019

In September 2019, the Windows 10 1909 update will be available for download, and all changes and improvements that are expected to come include:

  • Windows containers now allow hosts to run lower-level containers for process (Argon) isolation at the top level.
  • The Key-rolling and Key-rotation feature ensures secure recovery of Recovery passwords on MDM-managed AAD devices when requested from Microsoft Intune / MDM tools or whenever a recovery password is used to unlock the BitLocker protected drive.
  • Added a change to enable third-party digital assistants to activate on the Lock screen.
  • You can now create an event directly from the Calendar drop-down list on the Taskbar.
  • The navigation pane on the Start menu expands when you hover your mouse to better tell you where the click goes.
  • Notification settings now show clear images to show what they mean by “banner” and “Transaction Center en when setting notifications in applications to make these settings more accessible and understandable.
  • Notification settings will now default to sort notification senders by the most recently displayed notification instead of the sender name.
  • On Windows 10, you have the option to configure and turn off notifications as notifications directly from a banner and from an application in the Operations Center.
  • There is a new İşlem Manage notifications ”button at the top of the Action Center that opens the main“ Notifications and actions ”Settings page.
  • Microsoft has added additional debugging features for newer Intel processors.
  • Windows 10 now includes improvements to overall battery life and power efficiency for devices with specific processors.
  • To improve performance and reliability on multi-core processors, there is a new implementation of rotation policy that distributes jobs more fairly among these preferred cores.
  • Devices using ARM64 processors can now use Windows Defender Credential Protection.
    Companies can now add more traditional Win32 (desktop) applications than Microsoft Intune in Windows
  • 10 in S mode.
  • File Explorer now uses the same search engine as the desktop search function.
  • Narrator and other assistive technologies can now read and learn where and where the FN key is located on keyboards (not unlocked, unlocked).
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The latest version of the Windows 10 new update is expected to arrive at the end of this year.

Microsoft lists all improvements, fixes, and known issues in 18362.10019 on this page.

Windows 10 1909 Version Download – Build 18362.10019

The update is immediately available with Windows Insider Slow Ring. The preview structure is automatically downloaded and installed on your device, but you can always get the update by clicking Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update and Check for Updates.

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