How to Open RAW Files in Windows 10

At the end of Windows 10, May 2019 Update provided built-in support for RAW images.

Just install an extension from the Store. There are other solutions for opening RAW files in older versions of Windows.

Download Windows 10: RAW Image Extension

To install and use RAW Image Extension, you must be using the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903 or later). If you cannot install the application, you will need to install the 1903 update.

RAW Image Extension allows you to display thumbnails, previews, and metadata of RAW images in the File Explorer, as well as images in the Photos application. You can open the properties window of a RAW file to see the metadata.

Go to the Microsoft Store and search for Raw Images Extension or go directly to the Raw Image Extension page. Click Retrieve to install.

Now click Install to install the extension.

After the extension has been downloaded and installed, close the Store and navigate to the folder containing your RAW images. Thumbnails will be instantly displayed in File Explorer without using an external viewer.

Double-click the image, click Photos, and then click OK.

Your RAW image will now open directly in the Photos app without having to download and install a third-party app, such as Photoshop.

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