How to Turn Off Windows 10 Focus Assist Notifications

Windows 10’s Focus Assist feature automatically hides notifications when playing games or using other full-screen apps. However, Windows 10 may continue to alert you that you frequently silence notifications.

Focus Assist is the Do Not Disturb mode of Windows 10. When enabled, it automatically hides incoming notifications, so they won’t open and distract you when you’re playing games, giving presentations, or using any full-screen app. Focus Assist can automatically silence notifications at certain times of the day. You can see notifications when you exit Focus Assist mode. However, Windows 10 may display im I’ll show your notifications in the Action Center mesaj while playing games, in full-screen mode, or broadcasting your screen. You can close these messages if you want.

To configure Focus Assist, go to Settings> System> Focus Assist. (You can open the Settings window quickly by pressing Windows + i.)

Under Automatic Rules, click the name of the automatic rule. For example, to disable Focus Assist notifications when playing a game, click en While playing a game ”.

Clear the “Show a notification in the action center when focus assist is automatically turned on” checkbox.

Repeat for the other automatic rule types.

Also, if you want to disable summary messages that are automatically displayed when you exit Focus Assist, uncheck the göster Show summary of missed misses kaçır option below the automatic rules list.

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